Ideas that can change the world


We are a Johannesburg-based, next generation fashion brand focussing on providing sustainably-produced, quality products. From the factory to your doorstep, we prioritise having a positive impact on society and using materials that do not damage our Earth.
We make a promise to you that all our clothing is produced with at least 70% recycled plastic, in an effort to remove the need to dispose of plastic and hence, protect the oceans and environments of our Earth. We use our art to further our mission, not only through sustainable production to pressure other fashion brands to adopt an ethical standard, but through our designs to raise awareness about pressing issues.


AWAKE’s not just a media platform. We’re a movement, and our fashion line is just one example of how we’re going to act to tackle these issues.
We’re a socially conscious movement for the youth, ran by the youth and owned by the youth. We focus on creating social change through sparking conversation, whether that be through our media platform, or other avenues, like our fashion line.

By sparking conversation, we believe young people will come together to find solutions to the issues that they are passionate about and through the AWAKE movement, act on these issues. Find out more about how our original media content does this on our website.